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An innovative manner of organizing and tracking your income
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5 Icons Income is a finance manager that offers an innovative way of organizing and tracking your income. Unlike traditional accounting software tools with overly complicated settings, 5 Icons Income exclusively focuses on income, letting users control and view the amount of money earned per day or month in a simple manner. This tool comes in particularly handy for freelancers and those who work for multiple part-time projects, as well those with temporary jobs.

The app has the look and feel of a monthly calendar, which makes working with it quite a straightforward task. To get started, you need to specify the anticipated income expected for the current month. As you enter different amounts of money any day along the month, the app will automatically calculate the balance. Depending on the amount entered for each day, the app will assign different icons that represent a percentage of the anticipated income, and will let you know when the monthly income is completed. That way, the app simplifies the task of tracking income, giving you a quick and accurate idea of your financial situation.

Besides displaying daily/monthly incomes, the app shows details like balance of the day, previous balance, icons received, among other useful data. You can choose what fits you from multiple currencies, and you can also change the icons color. It is possible to quickly navigate to other months through the calendar. Although the app is primarily designed for tracking income, it also gives you the possibility of tracking expenses by entering a negative value. Additionally, it allows you to backup and restore data.

Without complicated settings or menus, 5 Icon Income offers a simple and convenient manner of organizing and keeping track of your income, letting you instantly view your financial situation in an efficient and attractive way. A free trial version of the app is available for evaluation purposes with full functionality for 16 days.

Mariel Rearte
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